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Volunteers are required in the Garden
The Physic Garden is a private garden which is open to be enjoyed by all free of charge. Although it has charitable status it is not funded by any other organisation and it therefore has to be self-supporting. The Garden is thus of necessity run by volunteers.
In order to keep the Garden open and in good repair we currently need more help.
We have vacancies for wardens who act as stewards meeting and greeting visitors, looking after sales and providing information especially in the absence of gardeners. We have a small office attached to the Exhibition Hall, a kitchen and washroom facilities. You would be very comfortable in this role!
At present we do nothave enough gardeners and our head gardener, John Wade-Palmer  would be glad to  speak to you if you are interested in volunteering.
Please help to keep one of the Town’s great assets alive and well.
For more information please use: ContactUs@petersfieldphysicgarden.org.uk

Here the band of volunteer gardeners are seen having a welcome break and enjoying a cup of coffee, a chat and  rare glimpse of spring sunshine
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