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Annual Plant Sale
Plant hunters were out in full force on Saturday morning for the Physic Garden's annual plant sale. A number of stalls filled the drive and entrance way including those from Durleighmarsh Farm and Petersfield Plants as well as those packed with plants plants grown by the Friends and gardeners of the Physic Garden itself. A short mid-morning rain shower provided a good excuse for visitors to enjoy coffee and cakes which were served in the Exhibition Room.
A sum of about £250 was raised by the morning's activities which will be used to support  work in the Garden.
Inspired by the Word
Visitors to the Physic Garden this summer can enjoy an exhibition of four sculptures. Entittled 'Inspired by the Word' it consists of a number of works by contemorary artists celebrating the literature of Hampshire writers - Jane Austen, Edward Thomas and Gilbert White. This forms part of a larger exhibition organised by Rachel Bebb with works being showcased at a number of other venues including Petersfield Museum. 2017 marks the bicenenary of the death of Jane Austen in Winchester and the centenary of the death of Edward Thomas at Arras. The exhibitors in th Physic Garden are Lisi Ashbridge, Mark Evans (also at Gilbert White's Garden), John Neilson and Jo Sweeting.The exhibition will feature sculpture, letter carving and works in other media.
Leaflets providing further information are now available in the garden and there is a full explanation provided at the foot of each of the exhibits displayed in the garden.
Art in the Garden
This spring there was a special installation in the Physic Garden created by the children of Petersfield Infant School with the direction of freelance artist and theatre designer, Vicki Ostersen. Every one of the 350 pupils from the school make a contributed to the finished work.
The official opening took place on Monday, March 27th. Chairman of the Physic Garden, Brian Robinson, welcomed Year 1 children who came to look at their finished work. This had been displayed by Vicki Ostersen who was responsible for orchestrating the entire project.
Craig Towersey (Henry Adams), Vicki Ostersen and Brian Robinson
The Walnut Tree
Work has now been completed on reshaping the Walnut Tree which had become too large for the Garden. It now looks like a shorn sheep!
The surgery was expertly carried out by Spruce Fencing of Whitehill.
Stones showing self portraits and colour painting
Brick Edging
Thanks to a generous donation the second tranche of work has started on replacing the wooden edges of the flower beds with paviours.
Pictured above is Mr Bill Corps working alongside of the path on the North West corner of the garden
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