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Herbs A-Z
HAWKWEED (Hieracium murorum) It was thought that hawks would eat it to improve their eyesight. Used to treat agues, bladder infections, colic, coughs, poor digestion, dropsy, rein, kidney disease and spleen diseases, urine stoppage and wind.
HEMP AGRIMONY (Eupatorium cannabinum) Holy Rope, Ague Weed. Used as a purgative and emetic, for treating ulcers, putrid sores and open wounds.
HONEYSUCKLE (Lonicera periclymenum) Stems used for thousands of years to make ropes, for making bridles and harnesses for pack ponies. Used to treat chronic tuberculosis, coughs, cramps and mouth infections. Contains natural antiseptic and salicilic acid , part of aspirin.

Hops - Humulus lupulus
HOPS (Humulus lupulus) VD, morphew (chronic skin disease), flowers contain a natural antibiotic, women's courses, the itch, jaundice,obstructions, like kidney stones, internal worms and ringworm. And, of course, ale making and a traditional folk remedy, a pillow stuffed with dried hops for sleep disorders.
HOREHOUND (Marrubium vulgare) Brewed in East Anglia for Horehound Ale. Widely used for range of lung disorders, to expel the after birth, and against poison,serpent bites and 'mad doggie biting ' Culpepper.
HORSERADISH (Armoracia rusticana) Said to be one of the five bitter herbs eaten during Passover ( with coriander, lettuce, horehound and nettle) use from the 16 th  Century  to spice up meat. Was used to treat scurvy, worms in children and sciatica.
HYSSOP (Gratiola officinalis) Strewing herb. In the Bible , lepers were treated with hyssop. Used for chest complaints, falling-sickness (epilepsy) , throat and mouth infections, worms and jaundice.
JACOB'S LADDER (Poleminium caeruleum) Greek Valerian. Used to treat nervous complaints, headaches, trembling, palpitations of the heart and the vapours.
KNAPWEED (Centaurea scabiosa) Used to treat bleeding from the mouth and nose, and bruises. For healing running sores and 'scabs of the head'.

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