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Herbs A-Z
AGRIMONY * ( Agrimonia eupatoria ) placed under the bed to induce sleep,  the source of a yellow dye. Used to treat serpent bites, agues, bowel disorders and bloody urine, 'flux of the blood', ear problems, splinters, ulcers, sores and fistulas, and jaundice.
ALEXANDERS (Smyrnium olustratum)  Had been a food source, similar to celery and lovage. Use to expel the afterbirth , provoke urine, and, if taken in wine, to treat serpent bites.
ALKANET (Alkanna tinctoria) Orchanet, Spanish Bugloss. Used 'to colour sirrups, waters, gellies and such like confections'. Used in still birth 'it draws forth the dead child'. Also used for bites and stings of 'venomous beasts', bruises, fluxes, measles, worms, jaundice, morphew (chronic skin disease) leprosy, St Anthony's Fire (erysipelas, an acute inflammatory skin disease and Smallpox.
ANGELICA (Angelica archangelica) Associated with Arch Angels Michael and Gabriel, was used to ward off evil, particularly in the protection of women. Used as a confectionary, and flavouring eg Chartreuse, Vermouth. Used to treat very wide range of ailments : chest complaints, colic , deafness, gout, rheumatic diseases, sciatica, toothache,mind and the Plague.

Bay - Laurus nobilis
BAY (Laurus nobilis) used as a  food flavouring, for victors' wreaths, bites and stings from venomous creatures, shortness of breath, coughs and consumption , women's courses, cramps, and convulsions, itches and bruises, palsy, dropsy, jaundice, rheumatic diseases and wind.
BERGAMOT (Monarda didyma) antiseptic for skin and mouth infections. Used as a flavouring and perfume.
BLACK PEPPERMINT ( Mentha X piperita) , as well as for flavouring, used for sore and swollen breasts, and as is used today, stomach disorders, nausea , vomiting and wind.
BLESSED MILK THISTLE,  MARY THISTLE  (Sylibmum marianum) Legend has it that three drops of holy milk from the Virgin's breast dropped on the leaf marking it. Boiled roots and young shoots used as food. Used to treat liver and gall bladder diseases and to stimulate milk production.
BORAGE ( Borago officinalis) Starflower, Bee Bread. 'Syrrup made from the floures of Borage comforteth the heart, purgeth melancholy, and quieteth the phrenticke or lunaticke person' (Gerard) it was also believed to impart courage: medieval knights wore scarves embroidered with the flower. It was used to treat sore or swollen breasts, eye problems, fevers, heart disease, itch, jaundice, obstructions, ulcers, sores, can,ears and fistulas. The flowers were candied; the flowers and leaves added to wine .

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