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June Edition of Hampshire Country Gardener
Yes! Its June already and the new  edition of The Hampshire Country Gardener, has now been published and is available from the Physic Garden.  It may then be collected from the office or when this is closed from the rack in the archway. The new larger size magazine is proving popular with its 40 colourful pages packed with interesting articles, photos and good advice. Topics include articles on summer cut flowers, garden days out andgrowing peonies and managing water in your garden. With its collections of regular features, good advice, readers's letters and Hampshire events it makes an excellent read.
 This is a free magazine which is now printed in Somerset and covers five areas Devon, Dorset, Somerset, The Cotswolds and Hampshire. The publication which aims to give quality information about gardening and garden events in and around the area covers is an essential read for enthusiastic gardeners.

Hidden Rocks

Spring weather has given the beady eyed Hidden Rock enthusiats plenty of opportunity to hide and seek an assortment of attractively painted stones in the many nooks and crannies in the Garden. Trophies should be reported on the Facebook page before they are left in a new hiding place.
Happy hunting!

Car Wash News
The Physic Garden and the “Car Spa”.
As many of you are aware planning permission was granted in June of last year for a car washing business within the Central Car Park; but as a result of the Covid pandemic it has been largely inactive. It is only very recently that it started up again. It is an unfortunate fact that as no objections were received prior to planning permission being granted our scope for remedial action has always been very limited. Nevertheless we followed up at length both with the East Hants District Council (EHDC) and the South Downs National Parks Authority (SDNPA). It is important to remember that the EHDC act as agents for the SDNPA who are ultimately responsible for planning decisions within the Park.
Early on in this prolonged investigation the EHDC made specific assurances that the lease for the business operation would be restricted to two years and the noise coming from it would be closely monitored. Unfortunately neither of these assurances were kept to.
The matter was raised at some length with the SDNPA who admitted at the outset that the planning process could have been better handled. However as noted above once planning permission had been granted our scope for any remedial action was extremely limited. Under pressure though the SDNPA have now committed to monitoring the noise in order to endure that it does not become a nuisance either to the Garden of neighbouring residences. At the moment that is the best we can hope for.
If you do find the noise excessively intrusive whilst you are in the Garden then do please bring it to our attention. We can then alert the SDNPA.
During lockdown our volunteer plant growers have gone into lockdown and have produced a large number of good quality plants for sale. These have proved very popular with visitors BUT HAVE LEFT US VERY SHORT OF PLANT POTS.
We would there be very grateful for any donations please. Any of your unwanted pots would be very much appreciated but 3inch - 0r 7.5cm would be especially useful.
Our Plants for Sale Table
Jenny Hill Lecture - Petersfield Physic Garden
Jenny Hill's recent Zoom lecture about the Garden on behalf of the Hampshire Gardens Trust met with an enthusiastic audience with over 60 people logging in
Jenny Hill is the Garden Manager of the Petersfield Physic Garden and has been a volunteer working in the Garden for the past 15 years. She has a very good knowledge of the history of the Garden and of the plants growing in it.
She is an experienced speaker and was able to reveal many of the little known aspects of the Garden and especially the mediaeval aspects of the herb usage a subject in which she specialises.

Country Farmers Showdown - BBC Programme
A repeat of the Country Farmers Showdown may be viewed on BBC iPlayer (19th January). The programme largely focusses on the Petersfield Farmers's Market but has a short look round the Physic Garden. The article below tells the tale of the filming:
A sunny Sunday September afternoon saw the Garden hosting Diccon Green and his team filming for an edition of the 5th series of the BBC programme 'The Farmer's Country Showdown'. The team were in Petersfield primarily to film the Farmer's Market and cited the Physic Garden as an additional place of interest to provide a little feature which the producers call 'the breakout story'. Having had advanced warning of the event the gardeners had been very busy tidyng the Garden so it looked immaculate for the event.
The photoraph shows Jenny Hill, the Garden manager being interviewed for the programme.
Petersfield Community Radio visits the Garden  - January 2020

Jenny and Claire during the recording session

The Physic Garden was invited to host Petersfield Community Radio group in the recording of one of their weekly podcasts. In this edition Jenny Hill, Garden Manager can be heard speaking about the Garden in an interview with Claire Vennis to produce the P pod podcast. This can be heard by following the link below.
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