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Herbs A-Z
TANSY (Tanacetum vulgare) Bitter Button, Cow Bitter. Used as a strewing herb due to its sweet smell and its insect repellant qualities. In 16 Century, was used as flavouring . Use to treat bloody fluxes, 'griping bowels', sciatica, gout, toothache and worms.
Teazel - Dipsacus fullonum/sylvestris
TEAZEL (Dipsacus fullonum/sylvestris) The seed head is a natural comb, used for cleaning, aligning and raising the nap on fabrics, particularly wool. ' The water found in the hollow of the leaves is commended as a cosmetic to render the face fair.' (Gerard) used to treat bowel disorders, eye problems, wens and warts.
THYME (Thymus vulgaris) food flavouring, in medieval times, ladies would embroider sprigs of thyme on their knights scarves to increase their bravery. Used to treat coughs, women's courses, eye problems, gout, sciatica, spleen disorders, warts, wens, wind and worms.
VALERIAN  (Valeriana officinalis) flowers used in perfume and in medieval times the  flowers were tucked into the clothes of the groom to ward off the envy of 'elves'.   Used for loosening the bowels, headaches, tremblings, palpitations, hysteric complaints and the vapours.
VERVAIN (Verbena officinalis) in early Christian folklore it was held that vervain was used to staunch Jesus' wounds after he was removed from the cross. Used for lung and spleen disorders, dropsy, gout, jaundice and leprosy.

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