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Herbs A-Z
SAGE (Salvia officinalis) Was believed to mitigate grief: 'Between Gosport and Southampton, we observed a little churchyard where it was customary to sow all the graves with Sage.' ( Samuel Pepys) Used to treat consumption, falling sickness (epilepsy), headaches, liver diseases, wounds, palsy (paralysis), ulcers, sores, cankers and plague.
SALAD BURNET (Sanguisorba minor) used to 'quicken the spirits and drive away melancholy', bleeding from the stomach, heart disease, jaundice, vomiting and headaches .
SCOTCH THISTLE :(Onopordum acanthium) for stiff necks and rickets, to ease muscles, some current work investigation its use in cancers, was used for cancerous conditions.
SELF-HEAL (Prunella vulgaris) Heal-All. For the treatment of internal and external wounds. ' it stays the flux of the blood from wounds and solders up their lips'.
SILVERWEED ( Potentilla anserina)  Used as a cosmetic to remove freckles and spots. Also for treating argues, throat and mouth infections and piles.
SOAPWORT (Sonaria officinalis)to treat the itch, VD, for cleaning fabrics, still used today by conservators to clean valuable antique fabrics.
SORREL (Rumex acetosa) Spinach dock. Young leaves eaten as a salad green. Used to treat loss of appetite, women's courses, fluxes, itch, stomach disorders, stones and gravel,tetters and ringworm, ulcers, sores, cankers, fistulas and worms.
SOUTHERNWOOD (Artemisia abrotanum) Boy's Love, Lad's Love. Maid's Ruin. Named as it was placed under a mattress or pillow to arouse lust, and worn in a buttonhole when courting. Also called 'Garde Robe' as used as an insect repellant. Ashes of the plant rubbed on the face to promote beard growth. Also used for cramps, convulsions, splinters, swellings, worms and gangrene.
SPEARMINT (Mentha spicata) Used in food, flavouring and as a strewing herb. Also to treat loss of appetite and vomiting, painful urination, headaches, throat and mouth infections and VD.
ST JOHN'S WORT (Hypericum perforatum) Believed to have a range of magical properties: to protect from evil spirits and was also used to find put how long members of the family would live; sprigs of the fresh plant were hung for the rafters overnight, examined in the morning to see which ones were most wilted - to foretell which family member was most likely to die. Used to treat wounds and bruises, bites of venomous creatures, sciatica, falling sickness and the palsy.
SWEET CECILY / CHERVIL (Myrrhis odorata)  ' very good for old people that are dull and without courage; it rejoiceth and comforters the heart and increaseth their lust and strength'. Used for treating loss of appetite, phthisis ( advanced TB), wind and plague.
SWEET WOODRUFF (Galium odoratum) Dried garlands 'doth very well attemper the air, cool and make fresh the place.' (Gerard) Fresh leaves were applied to wounds. Used in the treatment of consumption and obstructions. Culpepper (1649) reports it as 'provocative to venery'.

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