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Midsummer Party and Annual General Meeting 2018
As an experiment this year the committee have decided to combine work with pleasure. Both AGM and midsummer party are to be held on Saturday, June 23rd. and more details will follow later
2017 Annual General Meeting      
For those unable to attend this meeting held on June 6th, 2017 a copy of the minutes recorded by Hon.Secretary, Colin Mattingley is attached.

Minutes of the
Held on Tuesday 6TH   June 2017

The meeting was opened at 10am with the President, Mrs June Parkinson in the Chair. 24 Members were present and duly recorded..  

1.Apologies were received from Bubbles Silk, Brian Robinson, Rosemary Clark and Phylida Carr.

2.Mrs Parkinson welcomed the members to the meeting and explained that  she was taking the Chair for this meeting as the Acting Chairman of the Friends had resigned in the previous week.

3 Acting Chairman’s Report
In the absence of Brian Robinson, the Acting Chairman’s report was given by the Secretary who mentioned the death of Tony Smee and the retirement of both from the Committee of Bubbles Silk and Brian Robinson. He recorded the contribution of all three to the success of the Garden in many ways.  He also stressed the vital part volunteering played in the success of the Garden whether as gardeners or in other activities that helped to make the garden attractive and welcoming to visitors.  He stressed that there was ever a need for more volunteers.

This plea for more volunteers was further stressed by Jenny Hill the Head Gardener.

4. Financial Report
The Treasure, Daphne Clark presented the accounts for the year ending 31st March 2017 which showed an operating surplus for the year of £4,651 compared with £3,717 in the previous year. Expenditure during the year was up by £3,300, due in large measure to the installation of brick paviours edging round the herb beds to replace the former wooden edging.  Overall the cash balance of the Friends had risen by £5,000 due to a generous bequest and other donations.  The Treasurer stressed that some of this extra capital was donations for specific purposes.

5. Election of Committee
The Secretary explained that Brian Robinson had resigned in the week following the publication of the agenda and that there were now two vacancies for membership of the Committee.  Mrs Parkinson, to encourage potential members suggested that interested members might attend a meeting of the Committee to see if it was for them.  In the event two members present expressed interest in doing this.  The meeting then endorsed the reappointment of the following:-:--

Daphne Clark Colin Mattingly Jenny Hill Joyce Kay
Pauline Matthews Rosemary Clark Joan Shepley

6.  Lottery Application
The Secretary explained the situation regarding the repair the west wall.  He reported the intention of applying to the Heritage Lottery Fund for a grant.  This intention had caused the Hampshire Gardens Trust to change its legal status as owner of the land occupied by the Garden.  It had been vested by Major Bowen in the Hampshire Historic Buildings Trust to hold the property on behalf of the gardens Trust.  In January 2017 Hampshire Gardens Trust finally could legally own property and steps are now in place to approach the Lottery Fund for a grant of approximately £85,000 to reinstate the walls and upgrade some of the facilities of the garden building.

At the same time a management agreement was made between Hampshire gardens Trust and the Friends which laid down that the trust owned the land and walls and the Friends was responsible for managing the garden area and maintaining the buildings.

7. President’s Address
Mrs Parkinson gave a short address to the meeting in which she thanked all the volunteers for their efforts in making the Garden such a gem for visitors.  She related that she was moving her residence to Devon and she would understand if the friends wanted a President who lived nearer at hand.

8. Any other business
The only item of any other business was Joyce Kay asking if future AGMs and also Committee meetings could be held at mo re convenient hours for working people. The Secretary responded that the timing of meetings, including the AGM, was at the discretion of the Committee and not laid down in any rules.  The Committee would take Joyce’s plea on board.  

9. Minute’s Silence
The meeting stood at 11 am for a minute’s silence in memory of the fallen in the recent London Bridge terrorist incident.

The meeting closed at 11.10 am..

Colin Mattingly as Secretary of The Friends of the Physic Garden writes in memory of Margaret Jones:
   'Margaret Jones who died recently was a prominent member of the volunteers who worked so hard to establish and develop the Physic Garden into what it is today. She was interested in gardening but devoted most of her service to the Garden on the organisational side.  She ran the office to good effect.
  In another part of her life she was closely involved with the overseas cadets attending the Royal Military College at Sandhurst.  Her attitude to organisation was sometimes likened to a sergeant-major, which did not always go down well with other volunteers. Nevertheless she was persuasive and introduced a number of volunteers to the Garden, both as gardeners and helpers in other ways.
  Margaret recruited me.  My wife and I went into the Garden shortly after we came to live in Petersfield hoping to find some information about some herb or other.  I can’t recall whether we got the information we wanted but I was certainly enrolled as a warden from that day.  Later on she persuaded me to be chairman of the Friends  for two years and I bear the scars of her guidance to this day!
  Margaret contributed much to the Garden.  She provided a sense of organisation to the newly formed garden “back office” which was so essential.  We owe her a debt of gratitude.'

Colin Mattingly
8th March 2017

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